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The Future of Transportation, Automotive and Mobility

Here are some emerging technologies and trends that could influence the way we drive and get to work in cities and travel around the country in the future. Volvo semi-autonomous “road train” car technology The Chinese “Straddling” bus concept Siemens … Weiterlesen

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Real Life Gaming – The Beginning and Future

Jesse Schell gave a great talk at DICE2010 “When games invade real life” where he speaks about the implications of applying of game mechanics in to the real life. Here is part 1 of the long DICE2010 version: Here is … Weiterlesen

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12 Future Input Devices That Will Rock Your Socks Off

Forget about Star Trek. I guess we live in fantasy land (the future), now. 1. Voice recognition Status: commercially avaible 2. Multi-Touch Screen Status: commercially avaible 3. Tangible Interface Status: commercially avaible 4. Head Tracking / Hand Tracking (Marker Based) … Weiterlesen

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Future computers could be ‘mouseless’

A possible future of human-computer interaction. Weiterlesen

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